Learning your own God Language


            I have twin nieces who when they were very young, like many twins, developed their own language.  The mixture of sounds that came out of their mouths meant nothing to me but to each of them the message was crystal clear.  They knew what was said, they could communicate back and forth, and the language drew them closer.

            I believe that we have inside us a longing to grow closer to God.  However, many of us struggle to make that closeness a reality.  We strive to do it through studying ‘more’, praying ‘harder’, ‘doing’ stuff but all too often find that we still don’t feel the desired connection.

            What if the answer to our quest is in a special “temperament” or “language” through which we can best communicate with God?  What if God has a style of communicating with each of us that will fill us with God’s presence?  By utilizing these “languages” we can fashion learning experiences to reach the intellectual, or the caregiver, or the activist or the….  By considering the “temperament” of various members we can provide different worship experiences (not necessarily Sunday morning Services) that touch people. By looking at these temperaments we can better identify the kinds of ministries that the church is best suited to pursue.   This is the message of those who have done research and study into the area of “spiritual temperaments” or “God languages” such as Gary Thomas*, Myra Perrine* and Dan Dick*.  Their conclusion is that each of us “approach” God in particular ways and if we identify our temperament(s) or language(s) and reach out through them we will find more powerful experiences with God. 

            What are these temperaments or God languages?  Thomas has identified 9 temperaments (which Perrine utilizes and details) but makes it clear that there may be more.  But what do these look like?  You may recognize them as:

     *the person who knows much of the Bible and loves to work out the details of issues and thoughts,
     *the person who is always making sure that others are being thought about,
     *the person who will raise questions or issues that you know are to be have one “right” response,
     *the person who can’t wait to give praise to God and who bubbles over with joy about the Lord,
     *the person who has a special personal connection with God and who loves solitary prayer time,
     *the person who experiences God best on walks in the neighborhood, woods or …,
     *the person who works hard for God and desires few personal comforts,
     *the person who loves the beauty of the ceremonies of the church and “hasn’t worshiped” unless we
            say the Lord’s Prayer.
     *the person who wants to include more “experiential” aspects in worship or learning about God
            because that makes God more real.

As we understand these temperaments several things open up for us.  We discover a pathway to help ourselves and others grow closer to Christ (e.g. styles of Bible Study, Worship experiences, activities).  We gain an insight into what others value and need.  We identify areas that we can grow in so that we discover more of God.

If you would like more information about this topic or information on hosting a workshop of Spiritual Temperaments contact Rev. Stephen Wallace at:       Wallace SC&W
                                                                                                                  405 740-8800

*Gary Thomas “Sacred Pathways”, Myra Perrine “What’s Your God Language”,
   Dan Dick & Barbara Miller “Equipped for Every Good Work”



12/14/2016 4:10pm

nice post

01/18/2017 6:59pm

God has given us his word to guide us in our life. I believe that the word he has left us with is the bible. Praying to God should be us confessing to him our sins. The guide is the bible. People who seek help by praying to God should read the word he left to receive guidance.

09/26/2017 12:03am

Talking to god is a need of a man. We all know that there is a lot of us living. That is why there us a lot of different approaches when it comes to talking to God. Each of us have our own way of talking to him. Your way of talking to god, may it be unique or not, is not what matters. What matters is what we say to him.

05/30/2017 9:11pm

Different people has different way on communicating God. We have our own ways on how we could understood Him more. Having your unique language with God is really good. It is like having secret with someone and no one else could found about it since the two of you are the only one who knows that language. It will be more comfortable to communicate with God using your own language for Him.


God give us the holy books for read and every person should read the books for make human. Holy books has the language of God and it has best plans for living a life. Islam has Quran and it had unique language and all the person are respect the holy book.


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