Labyrinth: “A winding pathway” – A Labyrinth is a pathway with no dead ends and no tricks; which makes it different from a maze.  Its purpose is to give a structure that individuals can use to help focus their thoughts, prayers, priorities, and more.  While some churches have a permanent labyrinth several years ago we made one that was transportable, could be used indoors, was easily storable, and was sturdy enough to be usable for many years.  We set it up during Holy Week as one of the tools that people could use as they reflected on Christ and the blessing we were celebrating.  We created two Walk Reflection Sheets that contained suggestions of things to think about, as well as provided individual Scripture passages on slips of paper that could be read at points on the walk where we had placed benches.  The Fruit of the Spirit were listed one on each slip of paper that could be used for reflection as well.  Freestanding barriers marked off the walls which made the labyrinth more private but this was just a matter of preference and is not required. 

Many people have a limited experience with various spiritual tools to help them pray, reflect, and live out their faith.  The labyrinth is one that could be used and would be especially meaningful to those contemplatives in your congregation.


As we move into Lent and towards Easter we have the privilege of helping people reflect on the great gift that God has given through Christ. Jesus  We have the opportunity to help people choose a pathway that will bless others as well as be a blessing to themselves.  I pray that over the next several weeks God will powerfully use you to shine the light of hope, peace, love and salvation on many.  On tool that might be useful in doing that is the labyrinth.


This is my first time pay a visit at here and i am in fact happy to read all at one place.

05/04/2017 1:04am

I didn't know this fact that labyrinths are very different from mazes. I thought they were just synonymous. Our church doesn't use any labyrinths as something that would be used if an individual wants to focus on his/her thoughts. I would, of course, like to try this too. I want to go in a labyrinth wherein I can just talk there to the Lord and cry everything out to Him. I bet the feeling would be great after the Labyrinth experience.

02/15/2017 5:52pm

I was confused with the use of a Labyrinth in a church before. I thought it was only a design. Because of your post, I'm now enlightened. Labyrinths are indeed useful to individuals who want to communicate with God through prayer. I hope you can post more information like this. Thanks!


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