Fall Possibilities

The next few months offer great possibilities for some very special events.  In this my 100 resource email here are some suggestions for a few. 

 October is a month when personal reflection is emphasized and one part of that reflection is to take note of actions that you might need to set right. Thinking about what acts we might need to repent of and seek restoration about.  Unfortunately most of us take very little time or make the effort for this kind of introspection.  The church has the opportunity, and perhaps even the responsibility, to help foster this kind of reflection.  Here is a free program that includes a 25 day devotional entitled “A Journey of Self-Examination and Reflection” as well as 3 devotional services .

 November has events that encourage us to think about those who have blessed our lives and about how we can be our very best self. There are powerful and inspirational stories in Scripture and in the history of the church that can give us direction and encouragement.  It is easy to forget or overlook the lives that have done great things.  It is easy to become content with where we are in life and not reach upward to who Christ fully wants us to be.  Here are some ideas for how to lift up those who can pull us onward.

 December is a wonderful month of celebration, hope, and blessing.  It is a time when we can relish in the good we have already received as well as in that which is to come.  Here are some free resources to help highlight what we have to celebrate and how we can go about it:

 A devotional book outline which is to be completed with devotionals by your congregation:

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                                                                                                                          August 31, 2014



04/14/2017 12:27pm

November is looking nice comparatively to other months and there will be my birthday also in the November so, I am quite hopeful that this month will be so good.


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