Member Exit Interview

Date: ________                                                                                    Interviewer: _____________________________
Member’s Name: _________________________             Phone Number: __________________________

You can use the following script as a guide but as the conversation develops you might need to proceed differently.

“As members leave our church we have found it helpful to hear how we can be helpful to them as well as to hear their insights about how we can do things better around here.  If you have a few minutes we would value your thoughts and feelings.  Would it be Ok if I asked you a few questions?”

  1. How did you first become connected to the congregation?
  2. What were the reasons that prompted/are promptin you to leave the church?
(ask them follow-up questions as appropriate to better understand the issues, but LISTEN and DO NOT DEFEND). 

                If they were somehow offended by someone or something here follow-up
                as appropriate by expressing your apology on behalf of the church and
               asking if they have or would go to the offending party to resolve it.

     3. Is there anything I can do to soften the hurt / disappointment / anger you feel? (Ask this question if
       they are leaving because of a conflict)

     4. Is there anything that we can do for you as you continue your spiritual journey?

     5. Which of our ministries were the most meaningful to you?
     6. What do you consider our congregation’s biggest strengths?
     7. To what extent have you experienced warmth and friendliness in the life of the congregation?  Do you think this is a friendly congregation? Why, or why not?  Encourage the person to share examples and be as specific as possible about the factors which have made the church seem friendly or unfriendly.  Do you feel that people in this congregation care about one another in a significant way?  Why, or why not?
     8. How do you feel about worship in this congregation?  Do you have any suggestions to offer for the 
 improvement of our worship experiences?
     9. In what ways and to what extent have our programs or services met your needs?  Are there improvements that you would suggest for any of those programs?  Are there additional programs or opportunities which our congregation should offer? 
     10. How do you feel about the staff of our congregation?  What do you see as the strengths of our staff?  In what areas are improvements needed? Do you think our congregation is adequately staffed relative to our membership size?  Why, or why not?
     11. What observations do you have about our physical facilities?  What have you most appreciated about our facilities?  What improvements do you think could be made to our facilities?
     12. I've asked you to respond to questions about several areas of the life of the church.  Do you have other observations about the congregation which you would like to share?  
Concluding the interview:
 Wish them God’s best and thank you for allowing you to contact them.  If appropriate, and they agree to it, pray with them.



06/04/2017 7:23pm

nice post


Worship of God is responsibility of us and but peoples are busy in life. They forget it but God create us and we should keep the time for worship of God. This article is very well and thanks for share it.


There are so many questions written here that are too hard to answer especially if you don't have a knowledge about all of these. That's why for most people, they really make a preparation for this. It's like an examination for a graduating student that you need to pass because if you don't, more conflicts may arise. Congregation is a complicated matter, so better make a bit of a research about it.

07/07/2017 11:20pm

I always wish other people all the best. May the God bless you all!

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