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General Sites: is the site for the US Department of Justice that has an A-Z Topic list on subjects from abduction to youth gangs and everything in between.  is the site for the National Center of Victims of Crime.  It is a vital stop for information and links on all kinds of crimes (teen crimes, bullying, sex crimes, and more). There are fact sheets, help resources and conferences on various topics. is the Arkansas Crime Information Center which is the state agency responsible for providing information technology services to law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies in Arkansas. It also contains information for victims of crime.

Bullying: was established by the University of Edinburgh in 1999.  Its resources focus on especially on what schools can do but also looks at bullying in the workplace and on the internet. is a large resource on all types of bullying (school, workplace, cyberbullying)  is a site that was created to help people address the issues of bullying. It also has a "Helpful Resources" section of articles, books, legislation and policies, research and multimedia resources. is a site focused on workplace bullying.  It is run by Dr. Ruth Namie and Dr. Gary Namie.  

Missing Individuals: is the website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  It has a place to report sightings of missing children, information on how to keep your kids safe, resources for parents and guardians and more. is the site of the National Center for Missing Adults. It has pictures (sometimes graphic) of unidentified individuals as well as a place to list missing Adults. is the site for the International Centre for missing and exploited children.  It has information on child sexual exploitation, international abductions and more.

Sexual Assaults: is the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network’s site.  It has a great deal of information on the topics (e.g. types of assaults, effects of assaults, reducing your risk, recovering from assault) as well as a hotline number (800.656.HOPE) is the national hotline for domestic violence at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).  The website has information on what is abuse, information for family and friends, statistics in America, internet safety and more. is a national victims assistance organization that has information on elder abuse, rape, sexual assault, stalking and child abuse.

Stalking: is the National Center for Victims of Crime page on Stalking which includes stalking laws, statistics, profiles, resources and news pieces. is a site that gives definitions, many links, possible courses of actions for prevention, recognizing when you are being stalked and if you are a stalker, and more.   is a site to help victims.  It has sections that talks about the top 10 mistakes, the natural reactions of most stalking victims and how they can escalate things, the best defense and more. has a information on various forms of harassment such as bullying, psychological harassment, stalking and more.  It contains many links and a handbook.

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05/05/2017 10:06pm

Thank you for posting these links for these can really help the victims of crime, bullying, and other related stuff. Our world is now suffering from various crimes. Some are just losing their beliefs and feeling hopeless. I just want everyone to know that there are still ways we can help. These websites posted above will be the one to help us! They will also protect us from the abuse we can get from other people!

06/10/2017 4:35am

The very nature of many crimes that are happening nowadays is steadily becoming worse and worse. Criminals are not even hesitating to attack schools and churches. There are so many "at random" types of criminals that you are never absolutely safe no matter where you go. You can't even go do your grocery shopping without having to look over your shoulder in the parking lot to see if any potential attackers are waiting to jump you from a crouched position on the other side of your car. And you should always assume there could be a criminal lurking nearby in order to keep yourself safe from crime.


Wow, I need to check all that sites! I will do it the nearest time!


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